Thursday, April 30, 2015

How many more people will have to drown until we finally act in Europe?

Migrants drown off the coast of Italy: “How many more people will have to drown until we finally act in Europe?”

Last week saw the horrifying news of around 900 migrants drowning off the coast of Italy, as they made their way across the Mediterranean from Africa. Unfortunately this story isn’t as shocking as it should be, as last year alone up to 219,000 refugees crossed the Mediterranean and 3,500 of these people died in the attempt. Already in 2015 the number of migrants reaching Europe by sea stands at 36,390.
Australian PM Tony Abbott has said that the EU should adopt tougher immigration laws, and even go as far as to deploy the army to stop migrants from landing on European soil. But this isn’t just a game of numbers, we need to remember the human faces behind these statistics.
This seems to be a very defensive reaction to the problem, and perhaps we should be asking ourselves more useful questions like: What is happening in their homelands that is driving so many people to risk their lives to reach Europe? These people are not taking this dangerous journey without first thinking that there is nothing left to lose.
There are many reasons why migrants want to leave Africa, such as war, disease and extreme poverty.
In order to tackle the migration problem, surely the best and most logical solution is to aid and improve the conditions in their home countries? If they lived in a place where they could see a future for themselves, then surely they would not want or need to seek help elsewhere?
So what can we possibly do to help?
One way to tackle these issues is to donate and invest money into charities that are working hard to improve conditions for thousands of people in poorer countries.
This is exactly what Ripples is working tirelessly to do. We use donations from across the world to empower women living in small villages and give them a ‘hand-up’ out of poverty. We believe that when provided with the necessary resources, women have the ability to become self-sufficient, and in turn support their families and communities. We also provide free healthcare and medical check-ups regularly to villages as part of our Adopt A Village program, and through these initiatives we hope to break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives forever.
We aim to start a ripple effect across Africa, through strengthening small communities to create a more stable future: an Africa that more people will want to live and thrive in.
In wealthy countries like the UK and the USA, we have the luxury to be able to help poorer countries achieve their full potential, and that is an opportunity that should not be passed up on.
Check out our YouTube channel for information and updates on our projects and to hear first hand from the women who are benefiting from our work.
To contribute towards a brighter future for Africa and make change happen, please donate by clicking the link below. 
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