Thursday, April 23, 2015

NPA: Adopt a Village - March 2015

Exciting work has begun in 4 new villages thanks to the sponsorship of the Nigerian Port Authority, as part of our Adopt A Village program.

We kickstarted the project in Iworo, where the Ripples team met with the traditional village chiefs. This is for us to show a mark of respect and is essential to Ripples being able to carry out any further work in the community.
By adopting a village, the NPA has ensured that Ripples have the resources to help the villagers gain access to free health care check-ups, medical supplies, and have the opportunity to start their own small business through our women’s enterprise projects. These small businesses are micro-financed by Ripples to give women a ‘hand-up’, generating enough income to support their family and community, working their way out of poverty. This is a lifeline for many African villagers who are surviving on just $1 a day to support themselves and their families, in countries where there are no social services or free health care, where a lack of adequate medical care accounts for high mortality rates, especially in children, with 1 in 10 children in Africa dying before their tenth birthday.
Through the great work done by our team, the medical MOT’s and women’s enterprise projects will push towards our goal to alleviate poverty for these African women and their families.
Huge thanks go again to the Nigerian Ports Authority, who now sponsor 7 villages in total!
If you want to see this great work, like we have started in these 4 villages, continue and spread to create a ripple effect across Africa, please donate and help us make change happen!
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