Friday, May 29, 2015


Ripples is a charitable organisation, and as such we do not just exist to make profits. 

Our aim is simply to improve and empower the lives of women across Africa and around the world. However in order to do this, we do need to generate enough money and have as many people as we can helping us to do so. Volunteering is a fantastic way of donating your time to help charities like ours to keep delivering essential projects to those who need it most, and make a lasting change in their lives. There are many different ways in which you can volunteer for us here at Ripples, both in the UK and in Africa!

We can never have too many people willing to help us deliver our projects, and if volunteers would be willing to fund their own travel to and from Africa, we can offer you the opportunity of a lifetime! There are plenty of projects on the go in Africa right now, and we would love to capitalise on any skills you may have to help us. For example, we are always on the lookout for: teachers for the Ripples Box programme, donations of medical supplies, doctors and nurses for the Medical Mot’s, and media-savvy people to film and photograph our visits to village projects so we can share the work we do with our supporters. Whilst you are working in Africa with us we will be there to provide you with all the assistance you will need.

Back in the UK we also have plenty of work on offer for willing volunteers! The main areas that we work in where we are based in Gravesend, Kent are administration, media, logistics and accounting, and is a great way for you to gain office work experience. Lasting for around 1-2 months you will get the opportunity to see how we operate and gain valuable work experience with all travel expenses paid. Non-UK citizens are also welcome at Ripples, providing a fantastic opportunity to live and work in another country for a few months, and improve English and business skills.

Finally, you can also support us by creating your own fundraising campaigns that will help us continue funding our projects. This can be anything from simply holding a jumble sale, to running a marathon! Every little helps and we are extremely grateful for any amount that is raised as it all goes towards a great cause. Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for the launch of new fundraising efforts for Ripples, where you will be able to see our targets and how close we are to reaching them. We will be introducing a number of different projects you can donate to, such as Medical MOT’s or one of our women’s empowerment businesses, so you will be able to see exactly where your money will be going.

Volunteers and fundraisers aren't just beneficial for the charities - the best feeling in the world is knowing that the time and effort you put into your work has made a difference to people in need!

Dr Anne Fabiyi, pictured above, a founding trustee of Ripples Nigeria sadly passed away recently, and we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank her for her untiring volunteering work and commitment to the charity. We miss you.

For more information about volunteering or fundraising for Ripples, please contact us at
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