Saturday, June 6, 2015

April 2015 Update

We had quite a few developments here at Ripples in April, both in the UK and in Africa.

At the start of the month we had a makeover here at our base in Gravesend, UK to shake up the layout of the office for a more organised atmosphere.

Our small team worked together to assemble tables and chairs, clean and rearrange the room, and put all of the computer equipment back in place. Its always good to mix things up and it gave us a chance to step away from our computer screens for a moment and get involved! Click the link below to take a look at the fun timelapse we made of the process.

We also had a visit at the end of April from one of our partners, In Kind Direct, who supply us with donations that can be shipped over to Africa. Most recently they supplied us with a donation of 1000 hockey sticks that were sent to Nigeria and given to a number of schools to help with their youth development. They were here to meet with our CEO Anne Phillips and take a look around our office and warehouse, to be filmed for a video showcasing the great work that they do for charities just like Ripples. It was an impromptu visit for us, so look out for a few camera shy faces in the background of the video when it’s released!

Over in Africa our team travelled to the village of Iworo in Nigeria, sponsored by the Oduntan family, to meet the women working at a fishery business, which is part of our women’s enterprise programme, and to inspect the new fishery site. We make sure to visit the businesses on our women’s enterprise projects on a monthly basis, so we can review how the business is being run and to resolve any issues our women may have with the work.
This visit was particularly exciting for us as we got to see the site that has been selected as the location for the new fishery ponds, a development that will help the women to increase the amount of fish that they can produce and also increase the size of each fish so they can sell them on for a higher amount of money. It is developments like these that makes our work so rewarding: first we help set up a business from nothing, and then we can watch it grow and thrive through our women's hard work and the generosity of our sponsors.

Iworo is part of our Adopt A Village programme and is sponsored by the Oduntan Family Foundation, who have funded all the projects that we have running in the village. We simply couldn’t do our work without the fantastic support we have from the Oduntan Family and for that we say thank you!

For more information on the Adopt A Village programme, or to take a look at any of our projects, please take a look at our YouTube channel where you can see our work in action

If you would like to donate to Ripples please click here: and give what you can! No donation is too small, and we thoroughly appreciate your support.

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