Friday, July 24, 2015

5 ways YOU can make a positive impact in the world!

1. Get rid of your unused items

Are you a hoarder? Do you find yourself storing clothes, equipment and toys because ‘they’ll come in useful one day’? Well today is that day!
Dig out your clutter, brush off the dust, and donate it to a worthy cause. Hand your items into your local charity shop, they are always grateful to receive donations that they can sell and use the proceeds for their cause. Charity shops don't just take clothes, you can donate books, CD's, DVD's, musical instruments - if it's in a reasonable condition then they can sell it! One man's trash is another man's treasure, and your items can raise money to help change people's lives for the better.

2. Hold a fundraising event

Have you always wanted to run a marathon? Fancy holding a tea party, jumble sale or an auction? Contribute to charity and have fun at the same time, and use your event to raise awareness and money for your chosen cause. This is fantastic way of actively showing your support and spreading the word of your favourite charity.
Start fundraising for Ripples Foundation today on Total Giving. You can even choose which project you want to dedicate your efforts to! If you live in the United States, you may wish to use Causes to start your fundraising. Simply make a profile, create your fundraising page and select Ripples Foundation as your chosen charity - it's that easy!

3. Volunteer

Have some spare time in your week? Do you want to use that time to get work experience? Why not come to Ripples Foundation and use your skills to contribute to the smooth running of the charity? We offer experience in media, administration and logistics at our UK base in Gravesend, Kent, so email us today at to see if we have any opportunities available.
If you can afford the luxury, you could even fly out to Africa and witness the work we do on ground first-hand! There are never too many people who can help on our programmes, and every spare pair of hands will be put to good use!

4. Support small businesses

By supporting small business enterprises in developing nations you will be helping to support the economy of the country. The fair-trade mark is a clear indicator that the people who have made that product have been paid a fair wage for their work, and often means the quality of the product is higher. The prices of fair-trade products do tend to be priced slightly higher, but what’s a penny amiss here and there when you can rest assured that you are supporting fair working conditions?
The Akomi range sold here at Ripples Foundation also supports small enterprises through the businesses that the women on our Women's Enterprise Programme run. You can buy high grade Shea Butter and Moringa Powder from our Akomi range that are all hand-crafted by our village women, and which all carry the Ripples charter-mark - assuring you that all profits are sent back to our women.

5. Donate what you can

It is the easiest way to make a difference! Just by giving charities a one-off donation or committing to donate a small amount of money each month, you could be making a massive impact in the lives of hundreds of people. Unfortunately money does make the world go round, and no-one will be more grateful for your generosity than charities trying to make change happen in the world.
Donate to Ripples Foundation today, and contribute to projects that are empowering the village women of Africa to work their way out of poverty.

You can make change happen in the world!

Alysha Bennett Web Developer

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