Friday, July 10, 2015

Joana's First Trip To Africa: Part 2

This week we are continuing the story of our Business Development Manager Joana’s first trip to Africa in June and taking a look at the projects she visited and getting her thoughts on what she witnessed during her 2 weeks in Nigeria.

After all the excitement and celebrations at the New Yam Festival and the Medical MOT held in Ogidi village (which you can check out on last week’s blog post) there were more villages for the team to visit and Joana was introduced to the crazinesses of Nigeria with no holds barred!

The next stop for Joana and the Ripples Nigeria team was Iworo village, where Joana went to carry out an audit on the fishery project we are currently running there.

As part of our Women’s Enterprise programme, which aims to empower women through work, Ripples Foundation is building a brand new fishery site for the women of Iworo in partnership with the Oduntan family who sponsor Iworo village.

Through the extra income that our women make by starting up the business and working at the fishery, they are finally able to afford to send their children to school, buy medicines for their family and break out of living in a cycle of extreme poverty that has been passed down through generations.

The new fishery is being built in Iworo as part of Ripples Foundation’s commitment to maintaining women’s enterprise projects and providing resources that our women can use to grow their businesses. The site will feature bigger ponds, meaning that the women can farm more fish and have more room to let them grow to a bigger size so they can sell them for a higher price. We are also building an office on the new site which our women can use as a headquarters for the business, as a warehouse to store equipment, or as a place to keep records of finances and stock levels.

“The women really appreciate all the work that Ripples has been doing in partnership with Mr. Oduntan, and hope that it can continue!”

As well as a brand new site for their business, the Oduntan family have provided another resource for the women to utilize in the form of Mrs Osunmakinde, a fishery consultant. Mrs Osunmakinde runs a successful fishery herself, and invited the women of Iworo to take a look around her fishery site and learn from her expertise. 
Take a look at this video to see how the fishery development has progressed since March:

“I think that the fishery is developing pretty well and I think that the projects we will bring to the village will be a big opportunity for the women in Iworo.”

Joana and the Ripples team used their visit as an opportunity to speak with the women of Iworo, to resolve any issues that they may have had with the enterprise project, and to discuss the future of Ripples Foundation’s work in the village.

Happily our women did not have any problems with the way that Ripples Foundation has being managing the project, and had plenty of ideas about how the business could develop in the future.

We have big plans for the future of women’s enterprise in Iworo village, and have started to make plans for the development of a piggery business, as requested by Iworo women, to further increase the number of options women have to work with and make life better for families in the village.

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Together we can make change happen in the lives of African village women!

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