Thursday, August 27, 2015

Snake Island

Following on from last month’s announcement about Ibiye village leaving our programme, this week we can explain the reasons behind our decision to step down our project in Snake Island (also known as Itun-Agan).

We feel that it is so important to be transparent with our supporters about the standards that we expect from our projects and to make it clear that Ripples Foundation has strong values that we need each community to meet and understand that we do not just abandon our projects without good reason.

Snake Island in Nigeria came on board our Women’s Enterprise Programme so we could assist them in the growth of their crayfish business. For this growth to go ahead we needed land space where the production of the crayfish would take place to make sure that they could meet the right quality standards for export.

For Ripples Foundation projects to be successful we need the support of the whole community, which we always endeavour to get through meeting village chiefs, holding meetings with villages and discussing the options that are available for them. Unfortunately the local Council of Chiefs of Snake Island did not support the free provision of land for the women to use, and wanted Ripples Foundation or the women themselves to pay for it. Ripples Foundation always requires communities to have a stake on the land that we work on, as the projects will aid the whole community, so consequently when the community refused to provide the land needed, we had no choice but to step down the project.

Sometimes, however much you try and make things work you can only help people who have the willpower to help themselves, and we simply cannot afford to expend our time and resources in one location if we are not seeing any results there.

In the future we hope that that we can come back and launch our projects again there with more success. Until that time we have to continue to support women’s initiatives in these regions, which we hope will lead to a change in the cultural mindset of these communities so they can be energised and empowered to make change happen for themselves.

Please make sure to visit our YouTube channel to see updates on all our projects, including the much anticipated Ripples Box, our continued work on a new fishery site for the women of Iworo, and a look back at our team’s trip to Ogidi in June.

With your support, we can make change happen!
Alysha Bennett Web Developer

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