Friday, September 25, 2015

How can you start fundraising for Ripples Foundation?

Ripples Foundation is currently fundraising online using Total Giving and Causes, and there are plenty of ways that you can help us. We chose two different online platforms as we felt they offered you different ways of supporting us, and helped us to connect with our supporters from all over the world, from America to Europe to Africa.
Causes is an American website that only 501 (c) registered charities can fundraise on. Every donation is counted in dollars, making it ideal for any US based fundraisers out there! Causes lets you chose stickers to show what you are passionate about, whether it’s animal rights, gun control or even women's empowerment!

Total Giving is a similar British website that has most of the same features as Causes, and is a fundraising platform for hundreds of UK charities. Although donations on Total Giving are recorded in British Pound Sterling, donations can be made from all over the world using your respective currency, anything from the Euro to the Indian Rupee! Unlike Causes, you do not have to make an account to be able to donate to a charity.

So how can you use these two platforms to support Ripples Foundation?

1. Join our fundraising community

Causes is a place where like-minded people can get together and push for change together, which is why we use the website to fundraise. We need more people like yourself to join us on Causes and help promote our campaigns. Joining Causes is easy, simply go to and click ‘Join’, where you will be prompted to enter your name, email address, and chose what causes you are interested in supporting. Your profile is customisable and you can upload profile pictures and cover photos to personalise your page.

2. Donate

Both Causes and Total Giving allow you to donate to Ripples Foundation, and it’s so easy! Simply go to our fundraising page on one of the sites, click on the donate button and follow the steps provided. Please bear in mind that in order to donate to us on Causes, you will have to first register and make an account.
Donations given on Total Giving do not have to be one-offs, you can set up a direct debit to enable monthly, quarterly or yearly giving if you so wish. Please note that on Total Giving, Ripples Foundation is listed as BME Concern.

3. Pledge your support

Causes isn’t just a place where you can donate money, it’s about building online communities that can come together to support a cause that they all care about. Causes started its life as a Facebook app, so the fundraising pages are setup like a social media page, where you can post updates and share photos and videos with your supporters. Just as you can ‘like’ pages on Facebook, you can also pledge your support to a cause to show you care; just go to a campaigner’s page and click the ‘support’ button. Causes also lets you share links to fundraising pages on your social networks, great for helping us spread the world of our work!

4. Start your own fundraising page

You can even start your own fundraising page on Causes for Ripples Foundation if you have planned a fundraising event yourself. Let’s say you wanted to run a marathon to raise money, all you’d have to do is click on the ‘campaigns’ button on the page menu, select ‘Start a new campaign’,  and chose the option that says ‘Donating to a US-based 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(4) organization.’ At this point you will be able to chose from a list of all the charities that are currently registered on Causes, so keep scrolling until you see Ripples Foundation! Your profile is customisable; you can upload profile pictures and cover photos to personalise your page, and add updates as your campaign goes on, using photos, videos and articles to update your supporters on your progress. Once you have reached your target, you can release a victory update for everyone to see as a way of celebrating a successful campaign.

Just like on Causes, you can start up your own fundraising page to raise money for Ripples Foundation on Total Giving. Just go to and click ‘Charity Crowdfunding - Get Started’, where you will be prompted to choose what charity you want to fundraise for. On Total Giving, Ripples Foundation is registered under the name BME Concern; due to our recent name change we are still registered with the UK Charity Commission as BME Concern until our details are updated.
Upload your own photos and videos to go alongside your efforts to make your page as fresh and exciting as possible to encourage people to donate to your campaign.

So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at what you can do to empower women using Causes or Total Giving soon! One step at a time we can make change happen.

Alysha Bennett Web Developer

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