Friday, December 18, 2015

Medical MOT for the Kano State Orphans

In mid November Ripples travelled back to Kabo, Kano State to revisit the group of 100 orphaned children currently in the care of the Kano State Government. When we first met these young boys back in the summer we vowed to do everything we could to help them, so true to our word, we held a Medical MOT for the group a few weeks ago. We also provided a number of donations of clothing to assist the government in caring for the boys.

The Medical MOT went well and we found that most of the boys were in good health. Many boys simply needed a form of counselling due to the huge amount of trauma they have gone through in their short lives. These boys were orphaned due to the violence currently escalating in Northern Nigeria by extremist group Boko Haram and have seen things that no-one should ever have to see, let alone children.

The young boy pictured below was the most distressing case we saw that day. He was shot through the mouth by Boko Haram terrorists and now has trouble speaking due to the complications from that horrific injury. Ripples CEO Anne Phillips describes him as being very withdrawn and noted that she could see the anger in his eyes when speaking with him. We would love to be able to help this boy smile again. He desperately needs expert medical help in the form of surgery to correct this problem, so if you know of anyone who could be of assistance in getting this boy the treatment that he deserves, please let us know in the comments below.

As well as holding a Medical MOT, our team also distributed donations of clothing and sports equipment to the children to aid the Kano State Government in caring for them. Most of their clothes are standard shirts and trousers given to them by the government so it was nice to see them given some new t-shirts to wear and we hope that they will enjoy them.

We provided the group with sports equipment such as footballs, netball bibs and goalkeeper gloves that they can use to enjoy during their stay. Although these donations do not directly contribute to reducing poverty in the lives of these children, the enjoyment that they will get out of our donations is absolutely worth the trip.

We will be updating you all with the progress of these boys over the coming months as well as connecting with other groups of orphans in the surrounding areas to see what we can do for them also. It is truly heartbreaking seeing what the violence that has forced its way into their communities has done to these children, and we can only hope that we can help them enjoy the reminder of their childhoods in peace.

To donate to a Medical MOT and make change happen in communities such as Kabo, please visit 

Thank you.

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