Friday, December 4, 2015

Our Favourite Christmas Facts From Around The World

Christmas is celebrated in countries all over the world, but we each have our own quirky traditions that make our celebrations unique. Here are a few of our favourites!

1. Canada

Canada Post recognises the address: Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOHOHO. Any letters sent to this address are opened and replied to!

2. UK

Many cultures use Christmas as a time to really make an effort with their clothing and appearance when attending formal Christmas occasions with work colleagues, friends or family. However in the UK it has become tradition to wear a 'Christmas jumper', where you wear the silliest jumper you can find - often complete with flashing reindeer antlers or 3D snowman noses! There are even competitions in workplaces across the country to find who has the best jumper!

3. South Africa

On Christmas Day some South Africans will tuck into a festive delicacy, the deep-fried caterpillars of the Emperor Moth...

4. Ghana

After church on Christmas Eve, joyful processions form and ramble through the streets led by bands of musicians. Children dash about singing "Egbona hee, egogo vo!" - "Christ is coming, he is near!"

5. Iceland

Children in Iceland leave their shoes on their window sill for the 13 nights before Christmas Eve. This is because for the 13 nights before Christmas they will be visited by one of Iceland's 13 Santas - the Yule Lads. If the children have been good, they may be left a small treat, a sweet or a chocolate - but if they are bad, they will be left a raw potato in their shoe!

6. Japan

Japan doesn't officially celebrate Christmas, as only 1% of its population is Christian, but it has become a tradition to have a meal from fast food chain KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) at Christmas... the demand is so high that you often have to book your table weeks in advance!

If you know of any more unusual traditions that we haven't mentioned, comment below! 

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