Friday, February 12, 2016

Introducing the Media Apprenticeship Programme in Kano

An exciting new project has started in Kano, Nigeria: the Media Apprenticeship Programme! Dr Abdurrahman and Dr Maryam, our brilliant volunteers, are heading the project which is part of the Youth Development Programme.

But first I hear you saying, what exactly is the Youth Development Programme?

Our Youth Development Programme was put in place as part of our mission to empower the African youth to make change happen in their communities. Through education and skills training, our aim is to inspire young people so they can develop a love for learning. With more educated youths, more and more people will grow up to become adults who can make a real difference in the world. No ambition should be too big, from pursuing careers as doctors and nurses, to becoming farmers and teachers. Everyone should have the right to an equal education. Once more and more young people can secure high paying jobs in a region, then they act as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation. Through the combined efforts of Ripples to empower youths and the youths’ efforts to work hard, we can break the cycle of poverty that has been a part of families for generations. In time, that ripple effect will spread to neighbouring villages, states and eventually contribute to the strengthening of a country's economy.

Currently we are seeking to empower youths through the following skills training programmes:

  • Media
  • IT

But back to the Media Apprenticeship Programme in Kano…

Alongside empowering the youth as a whole, we are specifically looking at empowering young girls in Kano through the Media Apprenticeship Programme, which links into our women empowerment projects that we have been running in West Africa since 2011.

Some young people that we have worked with during our time in West Africa come from relatively large families, often up to 10 or more children. Obviously parents of this number of children may struggle to ensure that all of them are given the best possible education.  All too often it is the daughters who miss out on a complete education, because they’ll be married off into a new family. Since they will be the ones having children of their own in the near future, it is essential that they are educated to the highest levels to serve as examples to be followed by their own daughters. By empowering the girl child, we can tap into the as yet unused resources that they can provide and spread a ripple effect of development across rural communities. 

Through the Media Apprenticeship Programme, we are able to inspire these young girls and encourage them to become entrepreneurs by using the skills they learn on the course. Once trained, they will be able to start up their own media businesses by becoming professional photographers at local events in their communities such as weddings, where men prefer that the photographer be a woman to capture those special moments such as the bride getting ready for a marriage ceremony.

Within the Media training course, the apprentices will take part in weekly lessons, practical sessions and tests to to meet the requirements of the course set up and managed by our office in the UK.

As part of their training, the apprentices attend Ripples project visits to the villages where we work in Kano State, giving them a rare chance to use the projects as a tool for learning , and to test and develop their media skills to shoot photos and videos in a real life working environment.

The girls who are participating in our course are just normal teenagers and young women, and we simply want to help them achieve their dreams. There is a lack of females working in the media industry in Kano and also in the other areas of West Africa where we work, so the aim of this programme is to offer young women the chance to really tap into a market that could help them earn money and start businesses themselves while Ripples help them grow. Without Ripples Foundation providing this programme, these young women would not have any opportunities like this in their communities. Our course leaders, Dr. Abdurrahman and Dr. Maryam are both busy Doctors who have committed to working with Ripples to make change happen in Kano state.  Although the opportunities that this programme offers are huge, it requires a demand of resources that are often difficult to source in the local environment. Ripples wants to make these opportunities available to more young girls in Kano, Nigeria, and Africa, but we need your support.

This programme’s success relies on your support. 

The current apprentices are part of a small group of girls who have this opportunity, but in the future we hope that it will be open to many more people, giving young women the rare chance to add to their education and develop the skills to open their own small businesses. We need your kind donations to ensure that we can continue to run programmes such as these for women in West Africa. Unfortunately the way that the world works means that it does cost money to be able to provide the apprentices with the proper camera equipment, but the rewards we can see at the end of the process are so worth it. 

At this time we have 6 young women enrolled and actively taking part on the course in Kano. Our aim is to provide the apprentices with a camera each to take home at the end of the course in recognition of their success and to give them a hand-up towards starting their own businesses. However we do not currently have the resources available to make this a reality. With your help and donations we will be able to make this happen!

Could you help our volunteers deliver this project? Do you have any contacts with a camera manufacturer that could be interested in making change happen? Are you a media professional based anywhere in the world, determined to impact someone’s life? Do you have any advice you could give our apprentices? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, please do get in touch via for more information.

Please donate what you can to

YOU can make change happen.
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