Friday, March 11, 2016

What Small Luxuries Are You Wasting Your Money On?

How much could you save by sacrificing a few small luxuries from your everyday life? The amounts below could shock you!

Daily Coffee

Almost everyone we know loves to start their day with a morning coffee to energise them for the day ahead. Many people will grab a cup from a high street coffee shop on their way to work. In the UK, the average cost of a cup of coffee is £2.20. If you buy a cup of coffee every weekday over a whole year, you are spending a staggering £572!

£572 could cover the cost of a Medical Pack for one of Ripples Medical MOTs in an African village that would be used to treat up to 1,000 people! Isn't that more important than your morning boost?

Smoking Habit

A packet of 10 cigarettes in the UK is around £5. The average UK smoker smokes around 10 cigarettes a day. If you calculate those numbers, the cost of this habit is £1,825 per year!

Compare this to African villagers who are having to survive on just $1.25 (around 80p) a day, and this seems even more shocking. Some villagers have an income of the equivalent of £292 a year, whilst the average UK smoker spends 5 times that amount just on a luxury item.

Netflix Membership

A standard Netflix subscription will cost you £7.49 per month. That's £89.88 a year. Thats enough money to kickstart a Women's Enterprise project in an African village. 
Surely that's enough reason to maybe share an account with a family member or friend and use that money for good?

Lottery Tickets

I think you can see where this is going now... A lottery ticket in the UK costs £2. Every year that's £104 being spent on a gamble that very rarely pays off.

Just think about the difference all that saved money could make to the lives of those living in poverty. Ripples is working to raise money that we can use to deliver more empowerment projects in the villages that we work in. That's more women who will be able to generate more income. That's more children who will be able to stay in school for longer. That's more young girls being given equal opportunities in all walks of life.

Change won't happen in the world if we aren't willing to put in the hard work and make those small sacrifices that will make a huge difference.

We need your donations to keep delivering our projects. In 2016, no-one should have to live in extreme poverty. Can you give up one of the luxuries listed above and use the saved money for good? If so, please donate by visiting

Make change happen today.
Alysha Bennett Web Developer

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