Friday, April 1, 2016

Guide To Donation Tracker

Have you ever wondered how charities track all the donations they receive? Where do they all go? Here at Ripples we understand that when you donate items to us, you have the right to want to see where they end up and if they are being put to good use. That is why we list all of our donations online for everyone to see and track where they are now. Our donation tracker is located on our website where you just have to click on the Donation Tracker button on the main menu.

You will be directed to the sign in screen for Canvus, the external application we use to track our donations. We have created a log in for guest visitors who are simply curious to see what items we have:

Password: Guest1 

Users from companies that have donated items can also sign up for their own account as part of their organisation by clicking Sign Up Here.

Once you have logged in or signed up, you will be greeted with the home page which as you can see lists all the items that have been donated to us. Each item is listed by name and the details provided include the numbers of each item that we have, along with a photo of the item where possible, the delivery date, name of who donated that item and the category of item it belongs to. Categories include clothes, education, medical and more.

As soon as any new items arrive in our UK warehouse they are uploaded onto this database.

So let's test this out.

I am from the organisation Inkind Direct and I want to track an item that I have donated. I simply go to the drop down menu for manufacturer and click Inkind Direct.

This will now exclusively list all the items that Inkind Direct have donated. Now we can get more specific. Let's narrow down our search to the area of Household Items using the drop down menu for Area. 

I still can't find what I'm looking for, but I can still narrow my search down even further by typing the name of the item that I'm looking for into the search bar on the left hand side of the menu. I'm looking for toothpaste.

Here you can now see that all items with the term toothpaste appear in the list. 

Now I simply click on the item I have been looking for: Arm & Hammer Enamel Toothpaste. This brings up a new page that gives you the information you need about the item.

You can see a photo of the item here as well as various other details. On the bar at the bottom you can find information about the location of the item. Where the location says Ripples, this means that the item will be used on our projects in Africa, not the UK. You can also filter your item search in terms of product location back on the main menu.

It's as simple as that!

Donated items are essential for Ripples Foundation as they help us enormously to deliver more great projects for the women we support. Donated items can include medical equipment, clothing, furniture, household items and anything else that will be useful on our projects in Africa and the UK.

Donated medical equipment is a god-send for our medical teams in rural villages on our Medical MOT Programme, and IT equipment such as computers offer villagers the chance to become IT literate. Your donated items could make a real difference to someone's life.

To donate items to Ripples Foundation, kindly email with your offer and our team will be happy to help.

You can make change happen.
Alysha Bennett Web Developer

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