Friday, April 29, 2016

World Wish Day

Today is World Wish Day. What is it that you wish for most in the world? A new phone? A better car? A new job? Or are you focusing on bigger issues such as ending war or the refugee crisis? 

In the West, we complain about absolutely everything. "My phone battery barely lasts a day" or "It's raining and I've forgotten my umbrella". We just love to moan about the most trivial of things! This has spawned various comedy social media accounts that dedicate themselves to collecting these funny little annoyances, and are now well known as being #FirstWorldProblems.

But what if the worst problem you had wasn't that you couldn't decide what to buy with your birthday money, but in fact was that you had 5 children to support with a paltry income of around $1 a day? In that situation, would you find these #FirstWorldProblems funny or insulting? We aren't saying that you should be ashamed of tweeting comedically about small annoyances in your life: humour is one of the best things in this world and makes the world a little brighter when everything else seems dark. However, we should stop and think about the conditions about which other people around the world are living in and compare how our lives differ, rather than only looking inward. By only thinking of our own problems, we become numb to the suffering of strangers and forget our humanity.

This fantastic video featured below brilliantly highlights how insignificant most of our problems are compared to those of people living in deprived conditions:

Most of us are so lucky to live in countries where we have no real problems. We can go to bed with full bellies and sleep peacefully knowing that we are not in a war zone, we have jobs to go to in the morning and that our government will support us if we fall on tough times.

Through our work with women and children in West Africa, we have seen many of these real problems first hand. We have seen mothers beg us for clothes for their children, hundreds of people queuing up outside our Medical MOT events desperate to receive treatment, and children terrified when they see a teddy bear for the first time. We have seen children that have lost both their parents due to violence in their homes from terrorist groups, who we are desperately trying to help with the support of the Kano State Government in Nigeria. 

In response to what we have seen, we have tailored our programmes for women and children in rural villages to solve these problems. Through micro-finance, medical outreach and educational projects, we are empowering the African woman to support herself and her children and break out of the cycle of poverty

Today, on World Wish Day, we implore you to think about what people living in poverty would wish for. Do you have the power to make their wishes come true? 

What you are able to yourself do may surprise you. Even just the smallest donation can make a big difference to someone's life! Did you know that it only costs £10 to ensure that 1 African villager has access to a doctor and the medicines they need on a Medical MOT? For the cost of the equivalent of 1 month's media streaming subscription, you could have potentially saved a life.

You can make change happen. Donate today. 
Alysha Bennett Web Developer

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