Friday, May 13, 2016

We Do More Than Just Work In Africa!

You may take a look at the work that Ripples Foundation does and think that all we do is run projects for women and children in Africa. But we are actually present in the UK and the US, not just in West Africa! Our main office is in the UK which is the centre of all our operations. 

You may think that all of our projects are based in Africa, but we also run projects for women and youth in the UK, primarily in Gravesend, Kent where our office is located. Ripples Foundation first started in the UK as BME Concern, and supported women who were  new to the UK in helping them find employment and help from local social services. This then developed into working with the youth in local schools and running projects designed to encourage social cohesion between the multitude of different cultures in the area. We want to show young children to celebrate differences between cultures and embrace them, rather than have a culture of fear and racial separation. Previous projects have focused on African music and art, as well as sessions on hair tying and trips to museums. 

Although our projects in Africa currently are growing, we do not want to stop our projects in the UK. We even offer volunteering opportunities for local young people who want to learn new skills that will help them in future employment, and also can take on a limited number of interns from the UK and abroad who want to work here on placement as part of their university degrees. For more information on opportunities at our UK office please email

When our UK team is not working on UK projects, they are also busy working in partnership with our teams in Africa to supervise and assist on the African projects. We have 2 main departments in the UK office: Media and Enterprise.

Media Team

The main job of the Media Team is to promote the great work we do in the UK and Africa to our supporters and our donors. We want as many people as possible to see the difference that our projects are making and donate towards our work so we can continue to make change happen!

As well as being creative by editing photos, videos and blogs online, the Media Team also helps with the planning of certain projects: including the Youth Development Programme currently running in Nigeria. The Media Team creates and provides the training packages that our trainers on ground use to deliver the Media Apprenticeship course in Kano and also an IT training course for youths in Iworo village. 

As you can see, the team is friendly and ready to solve any technical challenge that is presented to them!

Enterprise Team

Over on the Enterprise Team, the projects we run are managed and monitored to generate reports for the sponsors of each village. The team is constantly in contact with the teams on ground in Africa to always be up to date with the latest information. As well as managing the projects, the Enterprise Team also organises logistics of donations and shipments of those donations to our projects, and manages the sales of our Akomi brand online. 

If you want to learn more the UK office and how we interact with our teams in Africa to deliver projects, click the video below!

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