Friday, June 3, 2016

How We Work On Ground In Africa

Last week we learnt all about our team in the UK Office, so this week we turn our spotlight onto our teams on ground in West Africa. We rely on a small team of core staff and a fantastic network of volunteers to deliver our projects in the villages that we support, and it is so important for Ripples Foundation to maintain close connections with both the volunteers that we work with and the residents of the villages that we deliver projects in.

The first thing that Ripples does whenever we start a new project in a new village is to meet the traditional rulers of that community. We would never start a project without first meeting with the chiefs and explaining our intentions for projects in their village. Once we have their blessing we feel comfortable to start delivering the new projects. 

Our fantastic network of volunteers on ground near our projects are absolutely vital to the delivery of our projects. Often our volunteers start off with small tasks and then find themselves able to lead their own teams. One case in point would be that of Dr Abdurrahman Nasir and Dr Maryam Aliyu Nasir, who both started out as medical volunteer doctors as part of one of our Medical MOT's in Kano State, and are now running the Media Apprenticeship Programme for us!

Ripples teams in West Africa are run by small teams of core staff and then supported by our volunteers.

One element of our projects that is essential are the monthly project audits for each project that is currently being worked on. This is the chance for the women that we support to tell us if they have any problems and for us to assess the progress of each project. We do not subcontract our work out to other organisations, the people who manage the projects are the same people who visit the project locations and meet the women themselves. We take a very personal approach to all our operations and we believe that this makes our method easier for the women to understand and happier to contribute to.

Above all, we are looking to instil a sense of pride and ambition in our women, who can then pass that attitude down to their children and spread it across their communities. 

Please take a look at the video below to see our projects in action.

Can you spare the time to volunteer on one of our projects? Sign up using the form at the bottom of the Volunteering page on our website by clicking here

We would love to see you helping us to make change happen!
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