Friday, July 28, 2017

Africa; A place of poverty, misery and disease?

Africa; A place of poverty, misery and disease?

Some of us still see Africa as a place of poverty, misery and disease. Of course many countries have experienced civil war, famine and epidemics, but we should not forget the strong women who come out of these countries. Many women that we speak in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon are hard working, creative, enthusiastic women that are ready to conquer Africa and the world with their ideas.

Some are successful, while others aren’t, not because they’re any less capable but because they lack access to capital. Yet just as this article suggests:, the narrative of suffering and poverty is the usual narrative that comes out of Africa; this needs to change, otherwise we’re in danger of considering big famines and epidemics as just another day in Africa. Let’s change this narrative together and make sure that more African female entrepreneurs become visible.
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