Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Meet 3 More Of Our Media Apprentices!

Last week we introduced you to 3 of our new Media Apprentices in Kano State, Nigeria, who are working with our volunteers on the Youth Development Programme to train young women on the art of photography and filming.

In this post we will be introducing the next 3 apprentices to you, and we hope you will continue to follow their journey as they progress through the training.

Aisha Lawal Faragai

Age: 22

Aisha lives with her parents and has 9 siblings, 6 brothers and 3 sisters. She is the 9th child out of the 10, and her siblings are very protective of her! She has recently graduated from Bayero University where she studied Islamic Studies. She wants to be a photographer but has not had the chance to learn the skills before, so she has jumped on this opportunity to learn with Ripples. Aisha wants to use photography to tell stories that will touch people's hearts. In 5 years time, she sees herself married and wants to have 5 children.

Dr Maryam's comments:

Aisha describes herself as ‘noisy’ which is quite an odd description. On further probing she said she’s an extrovert and loves to make a lot of noise (likely loves throwing tantrums to her unsuspecting older siblings!). She is highly inquisitive, likes to ask questions about everything she doesn’t understand, and is always jovial and chirpy. She loves reading and author James Hardly Chase feeds her inquisitiveness, as she loves his works and cannot pick a favourite book. Her mother is a full-time housewife and is her main source of courage by always encouraging her in all she sets her mind to. Aisha’s father is a Veterinary doctor and works in Gwale Vet Clinic, which is very close to home. Aisha aspires to use photography to touch people’s hearts and hopes her shots will leave a mark in the world. We wish her success and hope she achieves her dreams.

Aisha Suraj

Age: 20

Aisha is currently awaiting admission into the College of Health Sciences, Bayero University, Kano. She wishes to be well educated so that she can fulfil her dream of joining the medical profession. She has a strong interest in health science, particularly anatomy. Aisha joined the Media Apprenticeship Programme to gain more experience of working and to learn new skills. In 5 years time, Aisha says that she will be married and have 5 children! When asked if that was too much, she replied that she will have 2 sets of twins... She is finding the course very interesting so far.

Dr Maryam's comments:

Aisha is a highly energetic young lady. She is Yoruba by tribe and describes herself as ‘simple like ABC’. She respects her elders and is very gentle. She has 3 brothers. Her father was a businessman who she sadly lost to a ghastly car accident while he was on one of his business trips. She was in SS2 at the time. Her mother has been the care-giver since then. She describes her mother as a simple lady who is working very hard to take care of her children and to fill the void that was left by her late father. In her spare time, Aisha reads a lot of books. She loves photography for the knowledge and the experience it will give her and she plans to use her photography skills to change the world.

Habiba Shehu

Age: 19

Habiba is 19 years old and finished secondary school in 2013. Her dream is to become a nurse and hopes that the Media Apprenticeship Programme will help her to learn an understand new skills. When Habiba achieves her dream we hope to see her participating in Ripples' Medical MOT events in the future! Habiba loves listening to music and watching tv shows and movies in her free time, and counts Pretty Little Liars amongst her favourite shows.

Dr Maryam's comments:

Habiba is the last born of 8 siblings. She is quiet and reserved, and describes herself as hardworking and patient. She loves photography and uses her phone camera to capture moments and scenes. In her spare time, she is into movies and describes Pretty Little Liars as her best TV show, her favourite characters being Hannah and Spence. Her mother is a full-time housewife. She is patient and is very supportive of Habiba’s dreams and aspirations. Her father works with WRECA (Water Resources and Engineering Construction Agency) in Kano. Habiba aspires to acquire a degree in Nursing and hopes that in a few years time, she will participate in one of our Medical MOTs. She hopes that the Media Apprenticeship Programme will help her achieve her dream of being a professional photographer. We cannot wait to see how far this young lady goes. 

Over the next few months we will be following Aisha, Habiba, Aisha as well as Husna, Humaira and Bahijja as they progress through the Media Apprenticeship Programme. Make sure to keep an eye out for our updates here and on our Social Media channels over the coming weeks, where we will be sharing some of their work and stories from their trips to our projects. 

Good luck with your training girls!
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