Friday, August 11, 2017

Support for African children to have access to internet and digital technology.

1 out of every 2 kids will reach adolescent years without being able to read or write in Saharan African countries.
Ripples Foundation is launching a new Ripples Box programme. It is time for change, to demand that every child in poor and remote areas in Africa receives the education that they deserve.

The problem

According to the Africa learning barometer by Justin W. van Fleet, a director of the international commission on financing global education, African children are growing up with very little literacy. In a world where social media, mobile technology and online communities are essential to the way that we relate and learn. Research shows that about half of sub Saharan Africa’s 128 million school children have the basic skills needed to live a productive life and help their families. A poor female child is less to gain the right critical skills in reading and writing. School children do not have quality education, due to rural schools having less qualified teachers to teach them.

About Ripples Box

The BOX is a multimedia classroom that can be assembled in any location and is fully equipped with computers, with internet access and has room for up to 30 students. The internet access allows connectivity to our Ripples Training Programmes, including accredited courses with certificates issued from our partners. The Ripples BOX plays a key role in triggering development in small communities by teaching young people the useful sets of skills in a fun and engaging way.

Where we come in?

1.     We create communication

We help villagers. Villagers are granted access to a wide variety of resources through the Ripples Box’s connectivity to the Internet, which they can use to communicate with the rest of the world, making it easier to connect and learn from other countries.

2.     Create a better foundation for the children and youth

We believe that by educating the children in Africa in digital technology, this new generation can grow into a better shape for the future. Through this program, we hope that young Africans in the 21st century will become educated and empowered and eventually become the future that will shape the continent of Africa since children are the future of their families and the products of their mothers.

3.     We create a sustainable design

Last but not least, the Ripples Box is sustainable and easy to use. It does not rely on generators to run and eco friendly, with no pollution. The box is fitted with solar panels, making it sustainable and available to be used in remote villages that do not have power supply.

To donate items to Ripples Foundation, kindly email with your offer and our team will be happy to help.

You can make change happen.
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